The Anxiety Freedom Program | 4 session program


Let's Start a Revolution!

A practical & transformational path to physical + emotional freedom.

Join us on this life-changing 4 session program designed to empower you to free yourself from the various behaviours that leads to anxiety. Through our playful workshops, you’ll learn nutrition, mind, body and lifestyle techniques that will enable you to take back power over your life and remove those factors which drain energy and build anxiety.
The program is tailored to help you build awareness of the triggers, both physical and psychological, which drive anxiety on a day to day basis. The program will equip you with knowledge, tools & resilience to expand your life beyond unnecessary worry & stress.

Everything you will learn is simple, impactful and designed so that you will be able to include these in your everyday routine.


4 sessions :
3 Group Workshops // 1 Individual Consultation

Including hands on learning with inspiring experts in nutrition, yoga, EFT (emotional freedom technique), meditation, art therapy & mindfulness.

Workshop 1: NUTRITION

If you thought you couldn’t beat your stress and anxiety through nutrition, think again!

Through a personalised nutrition workshop, we’ll show you what to eat, how to eat and the unbeatable strategies to power up your body against stress & worry.

Workshop 2: MIND

Clean up the patterns of our thoughts, identify those which don’t serve us and replace them with thoughts that propel us towards happiness & freedom.

Our mind focused workshop will teach you strategies to build awareness & engagement, as well as providing tactics to transform the moments of anxiety into positivity & happiness.

Workshop 3: BODY & LIFESTYLE

Nurturing our bodies through the right movement for our metabolic & personality type is one of the foundations of a healthy mind.

In this group session we’ll get the blood flowing and explore exercises which nurture your body and boost your feel good hormones.

The patterns of your day and how you choose to spend your downtime have a strong influence on your anxiety & happiness levels.

In this session we’ll be merging the worlds of science and pleasure to help you hack through the barriers to happiness.


The program consists of the following:
3 x 90 mins group workshops
1 x 45 mins individual session

Group Workshop Dates:
Sat 12th Nov, Sat 19th Nov, Sat 26th Nov [ 11am- 12.30pm ]

Individual Consultations Dates:
1st - 10th Nov [ various times by appointment- in person or via skype as convenient)

Early Bird Pricing : $240 (book by midnight Mon 24th Oct)
Standard pricing : $275 (from Tues 24th Oct - Midnight Fri 4th Nov)
Closing date for sign up: 4th Nov, 2016

Healthy celebrationary group lunch following the last session on 26th

Places available: 12 (open to both men & women)

The Hive, 59 New Bridge Road (for individual sessions)
Barre2Barre, 42 Hong Kong St. (for group workshops)
(Both 2 mins from Clarke Quay MRT)

Email us at workshops@fitgreenlean.com with any questions.


A little about Fit Green Lean

We are a Nutrition & Wellness Consultancy with a difference.

We take a holistic approach to nutrition & wellness. Encouraging your entire body to reach it’s optimal health & performance through the intelligent use of food, movement, lifestyle choices and complementary therapies.

Our aim is to help you feel on top your game, connect to your natural healing processes and find the joy that comes from living your ideal life in your ideal body.

Excitingly the ‘ideal’ is different for each of our minds, bodies & lives, and this is why Fit Green Lean is focused on bespoke nutrition & wellness planning with each of our clients, be they athletes, new moms, families, corporates, weekend warriors, health nuts, silver surfers or more.

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Sat Nov 12, 2016
11:30 AM - 1:00 PM SGT
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3 workshops & 1 Individual Session SOLD OUT $220.00
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The Hive + Barre2Barre (3mins from Clarke Quay) Singapore
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